Working in the hospitality sector for a long time has exposed us to a plethora of similar queries from our guests. We've put them all into one comprehensive list for your convenience!
  • What is the capacity of Bellezza Wedding & Event Venue?
      1. We have one Prime hall - The Grand, on the ground floor, Surrounded with a Large Reception area and a Side Foyer. Seating capacity of The Grand will be of 300 ; Reception Area seating Capacity will be of 100.
      2. The Grandeur can be used for a Dining (100 seater) or a Buffet area. It can also be used to host Small Events / Birthday party.
      3. The Greens is a lawn area to host a buffet or evening dinner in lush green space as it could accommodate 150 guests.
      4. These spaces can be used in different configurations to host between 50 and 1000 guests.
  • Do you have rooms for guests to stay?

      Yes, we have a total of 2 Bridal / Green rooms adjacent to the stage with private access.
      All our rooms come with star hotel grade amenities to ensure your guests have a great stay.

  • How about food? Can we appoint our own caterer?

      Yes, You can. Also we have our preferred Caterers in case if you want to avail.

  • Are we allowed to bring our own decorator?

      Yes, You can. To ensure that our venue is maintained in pristine condition for all our guests , you are required the art director/decor of your choice can work together with our Manager to ensure hassle free installation and Un-installation of decors.

  • Do you have Internet access available?

      Yes. We have complementary Wifi access for the hosts of the event and for any online streaming (On-Demand and technical feasibility has to be discussed during booking)

  • Are firecrackers allowed at your venue ?

      No. Due to the sound and air pollution caused, firecrackers are not allowed within the premises.

  • What are the nearest landmarks ?

      We are located nearest to Sitra and Airport

  • What is the parking capacity?

      We have a dedicated car park with a capacity of up to 150 cars.

  • Do you have halls for smaller events ?

      Yes we do. The Grandeur can host 150 guests and brings the Unique standards for smaller gathering.

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